Word rearrangement to make sentences.

  1. day, its a, spring ,beautiful
  2. island, the, is, where
  3. my, I, love, district, home
  4. See, Maria, cannot, the, flowers
  5. School, to, She, everyday, goes
  6. School, is ,she, for, ready
  7. Fantastic, it ,game ,a, was
  8. You ,do, Dhaka, in, Live
  9. Home, lover, I, District, my
  10. See, Maria, cannot, the, flowers
  11. Chattagram, going, to, is, Jessica
  12. Home, Love, I, District, my
  13. Teaching, much, Raju, very, likes
  14. School, is, she, for, ready
  15. Day, it ,s, a, spring, Beautiful
  16. Home, love, I ,District ,my
  17. Grains, not, potatoes, are
  18. School, is, she, for, ready
  19. English ,reads, Saikat, books
  20. For ,hour ,he, an, Slept
  21. Was, old, nipa ,years, six
  22. Grains , not ,potatoes ,are
  23. Island, the, is, where
  24. Home, love, i, district , my
  25. For, hour, he, an, slept
  26. Was, old, nipa, years, six
  27. Very, is, brother, strong, my
  28. Like, playing, I, football
  29. See, Maria, cannot, the, flowers
  30. Won, the, race, tortoise, the
  31. Chattogram, going, to, is, Jessica
  32. You, Do, Dhaka, in, Live
  33. Won, the, race, tortoise, the
  34. Grows, he, crops
  35. Island, the ,is, where
  36. About, he, books, animals, likes
  37. Island, the, is, where
  38. Teaching, much, Raju, very ikes
  39. Was, old, Nipa, six
  40. Won, the, race, tortoise, the
  41. It, grows, magic, a, was
  42. Are, how, you, old?
  43. Teacher, is, a, my, father
  44. Handwriting, you ,improve, should, your
  45. School, I, primary, t, go, a
  46. Like, I, Painting, also
  47. Sound, the, make, what, does?
  48. Have, any, you, friend, do
  49. Find, homework, I, My, can’t
  50. Ready, Disasters, we, for, natural, Should
  51. Loves ,mother, child, her, every
  52. Sun, not, in ,do, run, the
  53. Lessons, good, learn, students, regularly, their
  54. Bangladesh, many, are, places,  there, in, interesting
  55. It, goes, magic,  a, was
  56. Can, see, the, flowers, Maria, not
  57. Had, grocery, father, shop, a, Babul’s
  58. Was, in, hare, the forest, a, Walking
  59. Are, Laila, friend’s, and, Bithi
  60. For, disasters, can, prepare, we, natural
  61. Cipmoly
  62. Speaks, he, flares, preventing, about
  63. Year, how, are, in months, there, a, many
  64. In, island, small, lived, a, they, life, happy , that, remote
  65. Back, will, come, you, when?
  66. Orgpmrmae,
  67. from, was  drizzling ,I s, morning, the
  68. In ,lives, a, Shefall, Dhaka, flat, in
  69. Time, what, it, is?
  70. Some, eat  to, foods ,body, energy, give, your
  71. Raptens
  72. Then., eat, you, must, regularly
  73. Father, your, ask, you, to, help
  74. By, you, bus, go, sea, can
  75. Books, loves, read, Rahi, to
  76. Gailsriman
  77. Dhaka, how, is, Kishoregonj, from, far
  78. Your, is, of, name, what ,the, hometown
  79. Interesting, more, was, day, the next
  80. Friends, Bithi, are, and, Laila
  81. Gramprome
  82. Victory, Bangladesh, of, day, 16,December, the, is
  83. There, hare, was, once, a
  84. Done, homework, you, your, have
  85. Trips, safe, the, but, exciting, are
  86. Ifelabutu
  87. Sea, go, in, can, we, sailing, the
  88. Of, liquids, a, drink, lot
  89. Home, on, Sufia, a, Friday, is
  90. Five, is, student, of, babul, Class, a
  91. Do, what, sports, like, you
  92. How, is, Khulna ,far, Dhaka, from
  93. He, Suddenly, see, a, tortoise
  94. Victory, 16  december, is ,day, of, Bangladesh, the,
  95. A, dream, has, Maria
  96. Read, class, in, I, five
  97. Play, cricket, afternoon, the, We, in
  98. Are, old, How, Are?
  99. Life, not, do, a, Tell,
  100. proud, I, Country, my, of, Fell
  101. me, your, book, give, can, your

102.tree, a ,under, deer, the, walking, was

103.to, she, Cox,s  Bazar, Went

104.ride, wants, Fatima, to, Bicycle

105.a, basket, makes, Rupak, s, Father

106.honest, boy, an, is, depak

107.friends, what, your, is, Name

108.Going, you, Khulna, Are, to

109.fine, toy, a, had, He

110.not, make, a, do, noise


112.father, is, ill, your

113.you, David, I, II Introduce, to

114.home ,I, very, my, town, am, proud, of

115.one, me, let, for, read, you

116.orders, she, from, gets, and, friends, neighbours, her

117.places, there, in, to, are, our, many, see, country

118.are, how, you, old

119.at, today, Sima, home, is

120.your, eat, energy, food, body, gives, that

121.go, School, I, to, want, again,  to

122.kishoreganj, ,from, zainul, comes, abedin

123.twelve, year,  months, a, make

124.english, wants, he, improve, to, his

125.you, ever, heard, of, the, have, food pyramid, name

126.you, ever, heard, of, the, have, food pyramid

127.ill, was, she, school, because, to, didn’t, she, go

128.soon, well, get, in order to, the doctor ,do, to, what,  her, her, told, also

129.juice,  drinks, soft, than, better, and, water, are

130.spring, the, sings, cuckoo, in

131.night, star, shines, at, the

132.saw, he, tortoise, a, suddenly

133.football, I, to, like,  play\

134.there, nearby, library, a, is

135.an, she, works, in, office

136.like, I, painting, also

137.sound, the, make, what, does, frog

138.have, any, you, friend, do

139.find, homework, I, my, can’t

140.ready, disaster, be, we, for, natural, should

141.me.you, book, give, can, your

142.lend, would, me, a, pencil, you

143.introduce, I’ll, you, hime,to

144. needs, she, medicine, some

145.your, do, do, you, work

146.spring, it’s , beautiful, a, day

147.energy, give, grains, us

148.small, they, a, house, had

149.from, are, where, you

150.is,home, today, sima, at

151.win. The, I, sure, will, said, hare

152.sang, all, he, when, animals, other, the, him, to, come, hear

153.in, will, it, soon, melt, hot, this, weather

154.like, you, some, try, would, to, my, ice-cream, of, chocolate, with

155.my, come, introduce, let, colleagues, me

156.to ,writer, bew wants, a, maria

157.day, it, lovely, is, a

158.there, can, I, go, how

159.Chattrogram, teknaf, far, how, from, is

160.spring, the, sings, cuckoo, in

161.Bangladesh, many, are, places, there, in, interesting

162.dhaka, how, is, Kishoregonj, from, far

163.are, you, you, what, eat

164.not, make, a, do, noise

165.birthday, a, day, a, is , person’s, special

166.free, magazines, read, often, I, time, in, my

167.firefighters, out, the, put, came, and, the, soon, fire

168.december, victory, our, 16th, is, Day

169.spend, your, do, time, you, how, leisure

170.waterfalls, are, wonderful, some, there, there

171.some, you, answering, mind, would, questions

172.our, station, we, walked, camp, from, to, the, train

173.the, competition, is, sports, the, biggest, Olympic Games, in the world

174.sports, you, or, play, do, any, do

175.sreemangal, is, a, place, to, drink, this, in ,famous, tea

176. some, you, answering, mind, would, questions

177. station, our,  we, walked, camp, from, to, the, train

178. the, competition, is, sports, the, biggest, Olympic Games, in the world

179. sreemangal, is, a, place, to, drink, this, in ,famous, tea

180.Bangladesh, are, the, what, tourist, main, in sports

181.banana, does, she, not, eat

182.sports, Anusha, do, play, you,any

183.forget, for, raju, many, could, not, this, days

184.does, what, watch, on, TV, Saikat

185.a, good, mix, of, your, foods, needs, body

186.games and sports, you, any, do, like

187.beautiful, flower, how, is ,the

188.is, train, minute, leaving, our, 10. In

189.I, Yesterday, bookshop, him, met, the, at

190.I, To, Park, in, Walk, Like, The

191.are, things, dairy, milk, products, egss, and like

192.of. what, eat, do, kind, food, regularly, you

193.listen, should, to, teacher, they, leave, building, and, the, quietly, the

194.celebrate, come, people, place, many, to, this, to, Eid

195.on, the, Will, be, Library, left, your

196.candles, on, are, cake, there, the

197.hour, slept, an, hare, for, the

198.go, and, take, Bag, your, school, to

199.Teknaf, is, how, Chattrogram, from, far

200.the, race, but, steady, wins, slow

201.island, Saint Martin, an, the, in, is, bay, Bangal, of

202.how , Teknaf, is, Saint martin’s, far Island, from

203,on, cake, there candles, are, the

204.felt, tortoise, the, energy

205.full, firefighter, Raju, is, time, a

206.some, you, answering, would, mind, questions

207.through, Narasunda, the, the, town, flows, flows, river

208.at, him, met, bookshop, the, I, Yesterday

209.panicked, afraid , but, no, every, was, everyone

210.beacause, she, didn’t, she, ill, to, go, school, was

211.hare, at, the, laughed, tortoise, the

212.to, park, in walk, the, like ,I 

213.student , good ,a he, is

214.they , why, there, go ,do

215.the, from ,I’m, United Kingdom

216.my , introduce, colleagues, me , let ,

217. Food , Picture ,the ,at, pyramid, the, look, of

218.ask , questions, I, can , you, some

219.sports, or ,play, you, do, do , any,

220.London, trip , to ,back, your, was, how,

221.to she, Cox,s Bazar, Went

222.proud, I ,Country , my ,of, Fell

223.safety, talks, students, to ,about, he, fire

224.the , fastest, the, hare, was, the, animal

225.you, at, Book Fair, the, see, I’ll

226.to, writer, be, wants, a, Maria

227.it, Lovely, is, a , day

228.can , I, go , how, There

229.Teknaf, far, how ,from ,is ,Chattrogram

230.the, sings, Cuckoo, in , Spring

231.Braille, learned, young, maria, to, road, as, a, Child

232.Panicked, afraid, very, but, no, was, one, everyone

233.my, Introduce, let, Colleagues, me

234.sports , you, or, play, do, any , games

235.were, leaders, there, us, and, two, of, 10

236.brone, our, help, and, they, teeth

237.finish, I, See, can, the, line

238.the, Island, it’s, an, in, Bay of Bengal

239.Sreemangal, in, the ,took, cub, camporee, place

240.Nilkantha, we, to, went, the, tea, cabin

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