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Welcome to  ! Thanks for taking your time to visit  From about page you will come to know about  and me.
At first let me introduce you with  Basically, it is a blog for the jobs seekers, students and creative persons. In this blog I always try to publish latest job news instantly and any kind of news related to students including results, admission and education news. Apart from this, you can also get some informative articles on how to build up your career. Besides, there are many writings on how you can make some additional income beside your profession. For that I have written many articles on how to earn from online. I hope this blog will help you in different ways.
However, my first focus is on providing job news instantly. As you know job market in Bangladesh is in a crucial position. The unemployment problem is increasing day by day. Though the government has taken many initiatives to mitigate it, the reality is different. The job circulars are very few in comparison to our unemployed people. Moreover, this is a very competitive market. So, this is very important to get job news at right time. And I always try to publish latest job news at the right time.
So, please keep on touch with my site for any kind of latest job news.
Secondly, I always try to publish the right information about result, admission or any news related with education for students. So, my blog will definitely help the students get right information at the right time.
Finally, you may get some guide lines for your career. There are many articles in my blog that will help you increase additional income from online and offline as well.

About Me

I am Md Monirul Islam living in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I have post-graduation on English Language and Literature from International Islamic University, Chittagong and have been blogging since 2012. Besides, I am also involved with teaching English language for last ten years. Actually I am a life-time student of English Language and Literature. And blogging is my passion.

Md. Monirul Islam

I have been doing since last year. So this is a new site and the site is related with job circular, results, admission news and career guide line. Currently I am also working for another blog named . This blog deals with English language. I have tried to cover up the ins and outs of English Language through this blog.
Actually, I started blogging as a passion in 2012. At that time I did blogging in free domain from google. After that I got introduced with earning from blogging. At first I wrote for my clients. But one day it came to my realization that it will be more profitable for me to make some blog sites. Moreover, I know how to develop a blog in wordpress. Thus, as I know how to write article for blog and how to develop a blog in word press, it is very easy for me to make a blog site. So I purchased domain and hosting for my blogs. And I have been doing many blog sites for last four years.
Apart from blogging, I am also doing affiliate marketing, SEO and Youtube Video making. I am very passionate to this sort of work.
So, please connect with me on Facebook, Google+ and Skype: (orientalthoughts) for any kind of help regarding Blogging, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Youtube Video Making.
Talking about myself, I like to lead a very simple and easygoing life. I love to share what I know. Besides, I love reading books, articles and watching talk-show on TV.